Get ahead with TravelMint training Services

Business software training has a significant impact to enable staff to make use of software effectively. To accelerate the value of your investment and mapping our software to your business, we provide you expert guidance and software training services, regardless of your size and until your satisfaction.

After having our inbound travel software, we schedule training programs for providing you a complete knowledge to empower your skills and reach your full potential. Different levels of training sessions are held for each and every department according to the requirements of your organization.

In training sessions, your teammates get to know about the working process of TravelMint. Our solution experts have a great knowledge of your travel business so they guides and helps you in better way.

Our travel training programmes take place in various steps:-

  • Training for Database (Masters).
  • Costing training for sales person.
  • Interactive Session for sales person.
  • Operational trainings for operations.
  • Accounts training for Accounts.
  • Training for the use of Admin Panel.
  • Discussions of customization of MIS reports/quotation.

After completing our training sessions, you will be able to-

  • Do all tasks assign to you.
  • Use software in real life scenario.
  • Customize your itinerary / quotation / reports as per customer requirement.
  • Understand the potential strategies and achieve business objectives.

We work intimately with customer association and also manage long term relationship with them to sustain their productivity improvement.

TravelMint-Automated Smart Software Solution for Travel Industry


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