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By analyzing your past experience with travel agency, you can establish longer relationship with them. Better services impacts on loyalty and helps in establishing more personalized relationship. By automating the process, we enable you to work faster and make your customer more satisfied. With TravelMint, track which additional services, discounts, or offers bring you more customers and more profit that will help you to take further decision. For increasing your sales, create special offers such as early booking discounts or additional discounts, free night offers, coupon codes and promotions and attract more & more customers.

In present era, SEO has a great impact in Google ranking. Provide multilingual SEO description for your user which makes you more visible and helps you to acquire more customers globally. Try to provide best products and services and upload more specified description and relevant photos about your product. By categorizing your travel products on the basis of their attributes and customer’s desire, you can put your product in the spotlight. When tourists see more categories and variety of travel packages, they will try to approach you. Along with attracting more potential customers, motivate your existing customers to travel with you.

With our system, you can allocate your complex supplier contracts, store photos, description of your product and load special offers, promotion etc. quickly that help you to meet with your marketing requirements.

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