At TM Technical Support, our main aim is to offer some best assistance with effective and responsive support to our clients for making best use of our system. We help to resolve the issues if find with the system and provide the ongoing relationship between the TravelMint and customer where services are rendered to the customer throughout the product life cycle to the end of life. This type of support includes warranty, upgrade and maintenance services. We provide a team of dedicated IT Professionals, who are experts in travel domain. In backing of our aim, we use multilevel approach for providing extensive support in effective manner.

Online Help:-

It is a powerful one-stop repository that helps you get more out of TravelMint software. The knowledge-base includes FAQs; Scenario based queries, Trouble Shooting, help videos and many more.

Offsite Support:-

Offsite Support is the assistance provided to you at your office via the support centre, telephone, email or chat. We believe that these offsite options will help to resolve your concerns in the fastest and most efficient manner.

Onsite Support:-

Occasionally, customer might require a visit from a TravelMint team at your office to assist customer with TravelMint software. We call this Onsite Service which includes Installation support, Implementation support, Data migration support and many more.

Periodic Updates:-

Staying on the cutting edge of software can keep you one step ahead of your competitors.TravelMint provides periodic update, without any cost, to introduce new functionality to its customer. We are firmly committed to regaining control on travel domain and preserve its full value for TravelMint.

TravelMint-Automated Smart Software Solution for Travel Industry


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