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Better management of travel business implies driving more value for each investment. A proven standard travel software, TravelMint for travel companies, tour operators, travel agencies, etc. provides flexible, scalable and custom-driven services. With optimizing the complete processing of incoming travel operators, it provides a flexible modular construction they need to run all processes.

Quick tour registration and booking:-

After confirmation of tour arrival, operation user can register a tour quickly. Data are already entered by sales person so there is no need to re-input same data at the time of registering the tour. Operator can make changes in auto available data if required. These changes will not reflect on pre sales confirmation data. For booking, If operator needs to change in service provider or its price, it can be done here easily. He can also set status of a booking and send mail by clicking just a button. Vouchers for services can be easily generated automatically.

UI for service amendment:-

ometimes there is need to amend in services or itinerary. TravelMint also provides an interface where post sales operator can be amended in services required for client. Operator can make changes in any service / itinerary for a tour, which can include city, accommodation, transport, guide, monument and many more. After amendment, booking will reflected by new available services.

Series handling:-

TravelMint also handles series generation. Multiple arrivals can be managed automatically in just one click.

Travel Docs generation:-

TravelMint generates lot of useful documents for a tour. These documents includes welcome letter, briefing sheet, reservation status sheet, contact detail, tour status card, PLA card, feedback form, passport list, rooming list and many more.