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In today’s challenging era, realizing the cash flow in timely manner is the key of success for a company. For its accomplishment, generating proforma invoice, invoices and other reports accurately and timely becomes important. Many enterprises use spreadsheets for driving different tasks but not certainly best way to manage their most significant component.

Our system provides a platform that not only replace the volume and complexity of spreadsheets but also manage advances and credits and complete tour accounting including proforma invoice, invoice and reports for keeping eye on your business.

Various types of invoices including standalone, by proforma invoice, with quotation, airfare, credit note etc can be generated manually or automatically in quoted currency. Adjustment of Service Tax / Education cess / Higher education cess / discount / advance also can be made.

Yet, with the ability to keep an accurate track of various project costs, it advances further:-

  • Save time and improve business performance.
  • Increase invoice accuracy.
  • Make work as easy and faster as one click.
  • No need to enter details repetitively as it comes from quotation or if need in some cases, can enter manually.

TravelMint-Automated Smart Software Solution for Travel Industry