Today, travel software has become a priority of travel organizations. In order to accomplish the tasks, features associated with software have great impact on the success of businesses in travel Industry. We introduce the amazing features of our system that make it your business performance extraordinary.

  • TravelMint provides good interface to generate quotation. It has all required elements to make a graceful quotation. User can input here basic elements as well as cost elements for itinerary. Cost and data of accommodation, meal, transport, package, flight, train, monument, guide, escort etc can be easily gathered and calculated on the interface. Moreover, it also keeps sections where user can define highlights of tour, cost includes elements, and cost does not include elements, payment policies, signatures and many more.

    These elements are generated automatically on this interface on behalf of itinerary and basic element taken in quotation. Administrator can restrict operator to access (view and edit) critical information like top margin, service tax etc. It helps to secure critical information as per organization policies.
  • Sometimes it is convenient to take a package from local agent and add it to itinerary / quotation. Packages provided by local agent for 2-3 or more days can also be integrated in TravelMint. These packages include hotel / transport / monument and can be added at the beginning, end or middle of itinerary.
  • Presales module also manages guide and escort cost for a quotation. It includes full / half day guide fees, languages allowances, other expenses etc for cost calculation. Guide cost is handled here on pax range basis which is also defined in master. Accommodation / meal cost for escort is handled in TravelMint presales module.
  • Monuments are one of the important elements of any itinerary. Travel Mint handles the cost of entrance for a monument in quotation which is based on the type of tourist such as Indian, NRI and Foreign etc. There is also a provision where monument cost can be added in quotation with main quote price or can be sent separately with quotation. This module also shows alert if selected monument remains closed on selected itinerary days. Other expenses like garlanding, welcome drinks, elephant ride, boat ride, balloon ride and many more can also be added with pax range cost.
  • Any free of cost pax’s cost can also be adjusted in quotation easily in pre sales module. Cost of accommodation, meal, entrances, other expenses etc is automatically adjusted in quotation module for FOC cost.
  • Mark up or margin, service tax and commission payable to agent can also be calculated on quotation. Markup can be calculated by two ways: first as flat rate on whole quote price on cost or sale basis, second as different rate on different services element on cost or sale basis. Mark up can also be defined as agent wise, which is picked automatically in quotation and also editable here. Service tax on complete package can be picked up from service tax master and it is also editable here. Commission is also based on agent, which is picked in quotation automatically. Commission again, can be calculated on cost or sale price.
  • This is a very important module of TravelMint. On filling of data of various elements like day, city, accommodation, transport, flight, train etc; itinerary is generated automatically just in one click. This itinerary is also editable and customizable.
  • Quotation for client can be quoted in any currency as per client requirement. Currency rate is captured by web services and saved in master, which is further editable.
  • There is option where user can quote rate for multiple pax for same itinerary without changing basic elementary data. Except of this, user can also add different option for quote rate. These options can be based on type of hotel, hotel room, meal plan, transport type etc.