Our software suite is designed to assist the destination management companies which provides a strong and flexible platform with a wide range of functionality that will fit in all travel operations. We developed an innovative solutions that match their priorities.

Our integrated configurable travel solution offers:-

  • User-friendly interface for generating invoice, voucher, tour docs and various other reports.
  • Generate multiple beautiful travel itineraries with their own logo within few clicks.
  • Automatically calculates the tour cost according to service provided.
  • Provides booking management section to manage hotel, transport and other services.
  • Manages tour accounting docs.
  • Lessen operational expenses.
  • One click database backup.
  • Provide powerful user management to handle all task smoothly.

With our full-fledged solution, get several benefits to DMCs business:-

  • Reduces entire workload and empowers them to work quickly.
  • Reduces complexity and make process fast & convenient.
  • Equip the businesses’ performance.
  • Automates whole working process.
  • Respond quickly for any quotation.
  • Lessen operational expenses.
  • Empowers them to sell across multiple B2Band B2C channels.
  • Save money and their precious time. And so on.....

Beyond this, This powerful travel solution provides them more and more features and functionality that will exceed their expectation.